For investors New partners, new horizons

Our ideas are unique and
they go with the times. Some of them go ahead the time,
but they are in demand right now.


We have a friendly team of real
professionals, who can work
together and catch each
other meaning at once.

Round B

We are interested in partnership
or investment on round B, as we invested into our own projects
on the initial stage and round A.
And that is the best motivation
for investors!

Our Projects Hardware, Software, Intellectual Property
About Our history in dates
2013 Company Establishment

Company history starts from
the moment of its establishment by
two brothers Igor and Ilia Pashko
on Hong Kong Island.

DECEMBER 2013 First mobile App

We created our first mobile application for iPhone
and that was the beginning of our era of mobile
our era of mobile and web applications development.

2014 Apple MFI Development License

Electronic engineers joined our team and we
set to the development of premium class
electronics under 4Second Life trademark.

2015 Mass Production

We started the mass production of the
second flagman of iPhone premium
chargers Aluminium Dongle series.

our amazing team We are fans of our gadgets and it’s better than top marketing
ILIA PASHKO Founder, CEO, Designer
IGOR PASHKO Founder, Business Dev. Director
ALEXANDER BERULAVA Сo-owner, Financial Director
Andrii Kozhemiakin CEO Assistant, Sales Manager
Alex Coder
Dmitry Hardware dev.
Roman Hardware dev.
Ilia Mavlin 3D Designer

Add up us as friends!
Add up us as friends! We are always looking forward to new connections and communication.

IIP Brothers Skills Our expirience in different areas

NFC technology for data transfer and payment

Li-Pol technology and fast-charge delivery Gadgets for iPhone with Lightning connector and mobile apps

Bluetooth 4.0
Low Energy

Gadgets for iphone
with Lightning connector
and mobile apps

Gadgets for Android
and mobile apps

Hardware with TI,
Atmel, Microchip

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